Daniel Clark

b. Banbury, 1988
Lives and works in Burra Isle

“... the role of art in my personal practice continues to be a quiet, mostly private space where I make drawings, sound works, build microphones, and go foraging with my headphones on. All of this is art, and it continues to play a big role in helping me navigate myself and the world.“

︎︎︎A-N 40 Years 40 Artists

*🥔 I make long term, collaborative work through Gaada, a visual art workshop + ND community based in Burra.

Wiskelation, c25 cassette2022
Worry Casting, artist book, 2022
Shetland Gay Bird Checklist, artist book, 2022

Artists Drop In: working in rural settings, a-n, 2022
Curatorial North,
SCAN + East St Arts (Leeds), 2021 🥔
40 Years 40 Artists
, a-n.co.uk, 2021 🥔
Mak a Laang Erm, Gaada, Shetland, 2021🥔

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